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Full name: Nimbus Noctier Shadows
Nickname: Nimbus, Storm, Cloudy
Parents: Princess Luna, Tempest Shadows
Talent: Creation and control of storms
pronouns: They/them
Sexuality: bi
gender: born neutral (side affect of alicorn magic)

- they really dont like loki because hes so close with luna
- short tempered
- "hair" acts similarly to lunas but has more of a cloud structure
- hair will shift depending on their mood
- is aprenticing under Sombra (reformed)
- they will help with any weather malfunction that regular pegasi cant handle
- very strong magic recieved from luna
- their cutiemark mimics that of lunas as it genetically mutated to take over most of the surface area on their back (its a storm cloud)
- they are very introverted
- they get along with rori when twilight decides to visit
- prefers creating larger storms at night (adds to the mood)

best quotes
/will fill this in at a later date/

safe1574156 artist:colourdropart4 oc604175 oc only409369 oc:nimbus133 pony844797 unicorn265734 alternate universe9268 ethereal mane6642 glowing eyes9753 glowing horn16635 horn43082 magic65798 magical lesbian spawn10701 nonbinary222 offspring34328 open mouth122918 parent:princess luna1947 parent:tempest shadow1952 parents:tempestluna46 raised hoof39255 reference sheet11023 starry mane3396


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