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Page 1380 — A Necessary Recap
21st May 2020, 6:00 AM

Dialing in difficulty is where the storytelling and game design of a tabletop campaign collides. By and large, everyone wants to feel like they worked for and earned their victory, but they also don't want to be kept away from the things they want to do. And it's pretty much akin to hitting a bullseye from orbit without feedback from and rapport with the players.

DM: PREVIOUSLY, IN EQUESTRIA… Well, actually, last time it was more like "Far forward, in Equestria…"
Fluttershy: Because the last "Previously" for us is still… Discord. But… I think we're ready to face it this time.
DM: I'm seriously glad to hear that.
Shining Armor: We got the gist of it. Some kind of godlike spirit of chaos, right?
DM: Played by my… D&D mentor, yes.
Twilight Sparkle: And you two are having a wedding in the middle of all this?
Princess Cadance: Can't stop love, haha!
Applejack: What did we eventually decide "happened" at the end of our previous in-story session? Because it was up in the air for a bit.
DM: Okay, so, the actual recap. <ahem> PREVIOUSLY, IN EQUESTRIA… The world started going topsy-turvy due to the release of the imprisoned god of chaos, Discord. He led the party through a series of trials designed, unfortunately, for one thing: Sowing the seeds of confrontation between the bearers of the Elements of Harmony. Luckily, your friendship held together despite his… our efforts, but not before he managed to at least claim Ponyville as the chaos capital of the world. Thankfully, the Elements of Harmony have contained his influence somewhat. Even though there's a warp-field around the town, with some quick thinking you've managed to turn it into a pocket-dimension prison without him realizing yet. So it's mainly a matter of deciding when you're going to gather your strength and confront him. The world keeps turning, if a bit more chaotically.
Rainbow Dash: Wait, so, we don't have to jump through any more hoops to fight him? We can just go when we're ready?
DM: With ample warning that it's not going to be an easy battle, yes.
Rainbow Dash: I mean, I'll take it!
safe1575236 artist:newbiespud1289 edit117640 edited screencap56058 screencap199196 applejack158841 auburn vision212 berry blend367 berry bliss367 bifröst103 citrine spark327 citrus bit21 cozy glow5845 dawnlighter62 discord28689 fire quacker327 fluttershy197757 gallus5807 gooseberry44 huckleberry307 loganberry97 night view72 november rain502 ocellus4487 peppermint goldylinks363 pinkie pie203218 princess cadance30449 rainbow dash219352 rarity169694 sandbar4630 shining armor21767 silverstream5270 slate sentiments78 smolder6592 spike74827 strawberry scoop194 summer breeze188 summer meadow140 tom863 tune-up50 twilight sparkle282672 yona4444 alicorn195237 changedling7260 changeling40100 classical hippogriff4452 dragon48150 earth pony198886 griffon24875 hippogriff8303 pegasus239501 pony845521 unicorn266042 yak3832 comic:friendship is dragons1447 arm behind head2258 background pony9191 background pony audience337 book30639 bookshelf3068 canterlot5005 comic101454 crossed arms4198 dialogue60546 discorded1391 dragoness6669 explosion2016 eyes closed80169 female899020 filly59523 flying34327 freckles25418 friendship student1393 grumpy2341 hat76611 laughing7113 library2868 lightning2838 male305387 mane seven5897 mane six29445 mare415325 mountain4436 relaxing1225 rock3934 screencap comic4173 sitting54967 smiling214887 stallion92640 student six1424 unicorn twilight12893


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