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safe1687962 artist:buttersprinkle314 sunset shimmer62213 human152671 pony949679 unicorn315434 abstract background14274 bacon hair109 behaving like a cat2153 blushing194456 buttersprinkle is trying to murder us38 cheek fluff5351 chest fluff38085 cute197102 daaaaaaaaaaaw3744 disembodied hand2765 ear fluff28671 eyelashes9679 eyes closed91345 female1346019 fluffy14022 food68920 gradient background12364 gray background6989 hand8616 mare471861 neck fluff736 offscreen character33415 offscreen human238 onomatopoeia4083 purring180 scratching500 shimmerbetes4332 simple background387130 smiling243125 solo focus16569 sound effects2033 wavy mouth3599 weapons-grade cute3646


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Unapologetically Horny
Bacon hair seems to have a really fat back leg/thigh if that cutiemark is anything to go by, so thicc its almost her entire body.