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>>1176648 with the background removed. This was exported in response to a request from someone on the SEAPonyCon Discord server.

safe2189983 alternate version87832 artist:kp-shadowsquirrel1086 artist:parclytaxel1532 derpibooru exclusive40808 princess luna117812 alicorn317697 pony1619829 g42045893 .svg available10754 absurd resolution67750 alternate hairstyle38404 background removed4151 blushing277410 cute268006 eating13676 embarrassed15450 female1820061 food102479 looking at you262880 lunabetes4396 mare752805 messy eating1670 plewds308 ponytail27645 popsicle1519 question mark6851 scrunchy face8281 shading4203 simple background604880 solo1438854 sucking1799 surprised12912 sweat41142 transparent background287260 vector90212 wide eyes19972


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