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safe1575494 artist:pencils1206 edit117682 idw14205 fluttershy197802 pinkie pie203257 rarity169726 ditto42 equestria girls180200 spoiler:comic10039 spoiler:comicequestriagirlsmarchradness170 :)84 belly button67572 blue eyes3896 clothes409079 cute177380 diapinkes8654 faic11334 happy27626 kneeling7508 midriff18217 pigtails3952 pokémon8480 pun7225 raribetes4617 sexy23791 shoes30319 shorts12180 shyabetes11445 sleeveless3123 sneakers4674 sports bra2637 sports shorts859 sultry pose1735 tanktop6741


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The funny thing is, Dittoface is as much a Fourth Wall Breaker expression as Pinkie herself often is and/or does. It's the "Hey Reader! This is Ditto, but they really are (whatever character) to everyone else around them!"

Given Pinkie's predilections towards clones and swapping with "herself", having come up with a Pokemon to help out makes about as much sense as any other explanation…
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Planeswalker — FoME
I'm honestly surprised no one did this earlier.

And it always amuses me how this face has become the iconic representation of a transformed Ditto when the whole point of that episode was getting Duplica's to stop doing that.
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