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After many months of being together, their vows to love each other solidified for the rest of their lives committed. Rainbow Tashie had finally become pregnant from her beloved husband Spicy Cider. Scared and nervous all the time throughout the wait, her stallion made sure to stay by his wife's side to give her hope and confidence that everything would be alright. This and the visits by many other fusions and the alicorn royalty, (Queen Fresh Care in particular) giving the young mare the confidence she needed to power through the pregnancy. All the way up till the fateful day when it finally came, and she was rushed to Ponyville medical. Her Spicy by her side as her thoughts and emotions entered a flurry of mixes. From the moment they entered the emergency room doors right up until the nurses had her pushing the foals out she was in limbo of thought. Many minutes later the storm had passed now, and all was calm. The loving couple resting and relaxing, Spicy and his beloved resting together. He nuzzling the mare whom he loved with all his heart, and now the little bundles that rested in their mother's hooves. Her disheveled, tired, and sore form still full of life and happiness despite the recent physical trial, now welcoming two new lives into the magical world. Welcome Azure Spice and Cinnamon Spectrum. Your mummy and papa welcome you to the world.
safe1706512 oc684706 oc:azure spice8 oc:cinnamon spectrum8 oc:rainbow tashie265 oc:spicy cider48 earth pony248774 pegasus291870 pony967631 baby10451 baby pony6603 bed40928 children110 clothes459641 colt14914 commissioner:bigonionbean1953 cowboy hat15877 crying43569 cute199814 cutie mark47724 daaaaaaaaaaaw3884 dialogue65532 dishevelled158 father and child877 father and daughter2571 father and son912 female1363151 filly66661 foal15424 fusion5192 fusion:spicy cider48 hat86867 hospital1492 hospital bed427 husband and wife1531 jumpsuit765 love5006 male372712 mare480595 mother and child2378 mother and daughter5916 mother and son3019 newborn495 nuzzling3969 offspring39057 romance773 shipping200256 sleeping23452 stallion108790 tears of joy2524 twins2228 unkempt mane37 writer:bigonionbean1679


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