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It's not a secret that velvet is incredibly jealous of Paprika's floofiness. It was something that to no end aggravated and irritated her— how dare she out-floof her! Doesn't she know that no other ungulate may boast chest-fluff as thick and rich as hers?! The nerve of her, to disrespect a noble of Reine like that!

Paprika didn't share the same selfish sentiment however. Floof was to be shared… so after a particularly wild scuffle with no ground being given by either one or the other, Velvet snapped, bawling her eyes out in a temper-tantrum that would make the most obnoxious 3-year-old blush in embarassment. The alpaca was strikingly understanding in her enigmatic thought-process, merely laying down to present her belly… and all the fluffy goodness right there on her chest.

After that, Velvet concluded that she was, of course, privileged exclusively by her nobility to nuzzle into Paprika's wool whenever she wanted.


I put this together in about two hours. Most of the shading came through with the addition of multiply, add and overlay layers. Not bad, eh? Also why can't I ever depict these characters actually fighting? Someone help me, I'm an artistic pacifist.
safe1588253 artist:firefanatic340 paprika paca732 velvet reindeer1128 alpaca808 deer4634 reindeer1707 them's fightin' herds3651 blushing177941 chest fluff32872 community related3490 cuddling7864 cute180721 description is relevant773 female918876 fluffy12990 happy27945 mlem782 note552 nuzzling3745 silly7066 story included7884 tongue out91854


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Also why can't I ever depict these characters actually fighting?

Because they're too adorable when they're snuggling. You can't resist the inexorable pull of the cuteness.