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Hey guys, here is one of the Pillars of Equestria, and man… he's rocking that look right now. Anyways, its Starswirl the Bearded, and I will admit, Gandalf would be jealous of this and go "Shit, why couldn't I get a look like that…?" XD Anyways, I based the outfit on the Fate Grand Order Merlin, along with the staff, with a few minor changes. I even added a mix of Raiden in the design in regards to the arm bracers. I hope you guys like what I did.
safe1577311 artist:pyrus-leonidas247 star swirl the bearded1864 human142223 series:mortal kombat:defenders of equestria71 beard3230 boots19213 clothes409701 crossover57188 facial hair4991 fingerless gloves3940 gandalf105 gloves17242 hat76720 humanized94142 lord of the rings519 male306028 man140 mortal kombat572 pants12280 robe3129 shoes30396 simple background346203 solo974287 staff2736 the hobbit107 transparent background179844 wizard617 wizard hat846


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Background Pony #C117
@Background Pony #85A4
You're free to like and dislike whatever you want. However, going after others because they think something is appealing to them and that clearly doesn't affect you and shouldn't says that you're just looking for a reason to hate. If you don't like the character design then move on.
Background Pony #85A4
sarcasm Yea, Star Swirl is badass, woooo. WHile the art is great, as is all of Pyrus's art actually, the character himself? Just a mage version of Rainbow Dash, only 99% less cool. Now if he actually DID look like this and lived up this whole mortal kombat theme going here? That'd be a whole different story.
Background Pony #0FD1
He's here to kick flank and chew mandrake root. And he's all out of mandrake root.