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safe2211702 artist:pencils1410 limestone pie6326 marble pie8480 trixie80405 earth pony521025 pony1641868 unicorn556394 comic:marble mare manquee33 g42066332 :t4481 bad touch782 boop9502 butt238716 clothes651207 comic137674 dialogue96422 dock73945 dress63795 dressing426 eye contact7766 featureless crotch9907 female1845842 fishnet stockings8118 fourth wall2455 frog (hoof)20680 frown37118 glare9109 glowing horn29879 grin64699 horn211829 levitation16566 lewd920 lidded eyes50375 looking at each other36042 magic98740 magic wand914 mare768280 non-consensual dressing8 on back35317 open mouth245968 pain star194 personal space invasion1341 pillow26368 plot149013 raised eyebrow10136 raised hoof72586 scrunchy face8330 sitting95556 smiling411607 smirk18596 speech bubble41539 telekinesis39988 text92440 underhoof70749 we don't normally wear clothes1112 wide eyes20093 worried5775


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I just realized Trixie hasn’t even appeared in Anon’s Pie Adventure. I’d love to see her there, Pencils portrays her so well.
I also would just love to see more APA. I miss Anon and the Pies.
Background Pony #71A2
Forcing the clothes onto a pony who is actively resisting feels essential to what the tag represents. Just poofing clothes onto an unaware pony shouldn’t count.
Duck - "someone befriended them, saved them, coaxed them out of their shell, and showed them that sex is nothing to be afraid of. I’m kind of envious of that rape victim"

@Princess Luna  
@Background Pony #71A2
I don’t think it matters how clothes are being created, if someone’s getting non-consensually dressed in them. plus the rainbow dash one was only a mental transformation. I don’t have a strong opinion though. I respect people more than tags, so if people care enough to untag it, whatever.