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Feels so good to breathe.

Equestria Girls©Hasbro Studios/DHX Media

Story by THE AE TEAM
Art by AdvancedDefense/DepravedDefense
suggestive127923 artist:advanceddefense317 artist:bluecarnationstudios170 sci-twi22043 sunset shimmer57534 twilight sparkle282559 comic:the amazonian effect175 equestria girls179997 abs9203 bicep56 biceps782 bowtie8582 bra14001 breasts239379 buff breasts251 busty sunset shimmer4532 busty twilight sparkle10529 canterlot high2415 clothes408682 comic101396 descriptive noise1383 female898423 fetish34938 furniture abuse71 gasp872 growth5009 hulk out52 lab coat1999 muscle expansion310 muscle fetish1069 muscle growth227 muscles9942 open mouth122964 panties46065 pink underwear3753 red eyes5172 red underwear1206 science1189 screaming2949 speech bubble20531 stockings28612 straining139 sunset lifter139 thigh highs28323 thighs8204 torn clothes4304 transformation9760 twilight muscle387 twolight1055 underwear55160 wardrobe malfunction4538


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11 comments posted
Background Pony #A425
Looks good. Though it feels weird that pony world Twilight is wearing an aqua-blue colored bra instead of the pink one she usually wears previously. But anyway, it's no big deal. Still looks good though.