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A dramatic transformation takes place!

Story by THE AE TEAM
Art by AdvancedDefense/DepravedDefense

Equestria Girls©Hasbro Studios/DHX Media
safe1580953 artist:advanceddefense317 artist:bluecarnationstudios171 sci-twi21670 sunset shimmer57161 twilight sparkle282848 comic:the amazonian effect178 equestria girls180967 big breasts69953 blushing176547 breasts242732 busty sunset shimmer4634 busty twilight sparkle10641 claws4554 clothes411722 comic100902 female925338 fetish35434 glasses55001 gloves17348 growth5128 lab coat1995 muscle expansion307 muscle fetish1080 muscle growth230 muscles10182 one eye closed25548 patreon12002 red eyes5226 speech bubble20437 sunset lifter140 text51417 torn clothes4327 transformation9458 twilight muscle393 twolight1055 wardrobe malfunction4620


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Background Pony #C903
because I feel that the first thing that will have the misfortune to meet them will be poor flash sentry