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“Dang, I shoulda asked Granny Smith to make an extra pie or somethin." Applejack took a step back to look over her makeshift spread. A basket full of apples and a single pie may not seem that extravagant for someone like Rarity, but it was all she could scrap together at the last minute. “How the heck am I supposed to keep that big ol tank of hers full? She’s swellin up faster than a turkey durin the holidays.”

When Rarity asked earlier today if she could come over for a study session, Applejack was happy to oblige. So much so that she wanted to at least have some snacks ready to greet her with. “Maybe I can whip somethin up real quick before she gets here. Or maybe I can just get some more food delivered later.”

As she paced around the garage contemplating what more she could do, a taxi cab suddenly pulled up in front of the house. The driver stepped out of the vehicle and opened up the back door, helping the massively obese passenger out of the car. Applejack felt herself ease down a bit as soon as she saw her friend, Rarity.

Even while her fashion-forward friend struggled to escape her ride as it bounced beneath her bulging girth, there was always something about Rarity that she found really admiring. Though she could put her finger on why that is.

Before it clicked in Applejack’s mind that she could easily walk over and help her out, Rarity was able plop herself free. The driver angrily hops back to the front seat as Rarity waddles up the driveway, straightening out her dress as she did so. “Oh, Applejack! You would not believe the rude things that driver had to say to me,” Rarity panted, “Goodness, and I thought Sweetie Belle was getting critical about my weight.”

Applejack didn’t know what to say, so she simply asked “How about somethin to eat?”

“I’m sorry, I just ate. But I could really use something to drink.”

The cowgirl looked back across the garage, suddenly remembering the bottles of cider that she put aside. “Sure thing! Gimme a sec.”

Applejack walked up towards the crate of cider, lifting it with both hands before deciding to heft over her shoulder. She turned back towards Rarity, who was already stuffing her face with apples. As disappointed as she was that Rarity didn’t get to see her lift anything up, she was still happy that her friend was at least enjoying the food. Careful not drop any of the drinks, Applejack slowly made her way back.

She watched as Rarity continued to eat heartily, stripping the apples down to their cores in just two or three bites. What would’ve a messy meal for most people was somehow eaten a natural elegance. After about half a dozen or so apples, she scooted closer to the pie, playfully picking at the crispy crust with her chubby fingers.

Applejack’s eyes fell down as Rarity began to rub her large belly. The whole rest of her body seemed to sway along with every movement she made. Every step she took with her thick legs, every swing she made with her wide hips, every squish of her arms, every flick of her hair, every turn of her head… even the sight of her deep blue eyes was mesmerizing… and the way her lips parted every time she spoke…

“Applejack? What are you staring at?” She asked with a half-chuckle.

Shaking her head and blushing, Applejack quickly looked away. “I ain’t starin at nothin! Just wanted to know if you wanted cider.”
suggestive128019 artist:neongothic135 applejack158869 rarity169725 equestria girls180202 amplejack121 apple14649 applefat491 bbw3848 belly24313 big belly8397 big breasts68507 blushing175865 breasts239726 busty applejack8551 busty rarity10974 cankles50 cider2447 fat19946 fat boobs498 food60832 liar face183 liarjack390 morbidly obese6862 obese10233 pie3010 raritubby909 ssbbw1450 story included7762 weight gain3635


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Background Pony #98C3

Kinda doubt AJ and Flutters are gonna go back to that weight now that they’ve gone so far back, and Pinkie is at that 401 limbo…but I honestly think your wish is otherwise the fate of the rest of the group.


sound of truck horn

oh good, FedEx is here to pick up my RariJack shipment! I had to splurge for FedEx Freight because of how hefty it is! (secretly, i want them to be mutual feeders and for AJ to bulk back up to what she was in the Pie Eating contest picture!)
Background Pony #98C3
Sounds like AJ wants to be her feeder.

Rest In Peace, Rarity’s mobility.
Background Pony #2293
I would've REALLY wanted to see an image of Rarity getting help out of that taxi.