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"Beach Day"

Hmm, looks like Powerful Sparkle (Sci-Twi) relaxing in weekend.

Character base by Hasbro
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safe1724865 artist:aryatheeditor284 sci-twi24615 twilight sparkle302834 equestria girls202928 armed6 armpits43167 beach15319 beach chair514 chair6919 clothes466408 cloud31268 crossed legs3261 cute202584 day1376 digital art19350 eyes closed95448 featured image891 female1379437 geode of telekinesis2973 glass4727 glasses62962 hands on head457 headcanon2344 knife5404 leg strap30 legs8639 magical geodes9014 palm tree1529 powerful sparkle126 prepared7 purple swimsuit262 relaxed310 relaxing1473 sand2391 sexy30008 sitting64263 sleeping23687 sleeveless4573 smiling253762 solo1076701 sunlight1186 sunny day51 swimsuit28809 thighs14261 tree32794 water13647 wave456 weapon30863


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@Jack Kellar
What brand do you use?

Luatek. It's a brand I'd never heard of before, only got it because it was on the checkout line of the bazaar I sometimes go to. It is the very definition of "basic but functional". Two inches of blade go a long way for simple stuff like opening wrappers and boxes, shaping small wood sticks, or cutting that loose piece of line sticking out of your clothes.

They don't make only knives either, I also got a good set of pliers made by them.
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I may be scarred but I’m getting dangonranpa vibes from the beach and a knife.
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An odd feature.

And a bad choice of accessory for sunbathing. That's gonna leave an X shaped mark on her leg after she tans. But I guess a knife probably helps her social distance.