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Lonely Fanboy48

If that was the case, then they should’ve chanced this piece of dialogue. I get that she has no use to help out in Equestria Girls but if I was an executive, I would try to do something for her character. Nothingness is what cast Star Wars The Last Jedi to become one of the worst things to ever happen on Star Wars. Granted this isn’t as bad as that but there’s still no excuse for this.
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Monde de merde
@Lonely Fanboy48  
Blame the executives for that. They’re probably the ones who decided to nix any further return of Princess Twilight in the human world now that Sci-Twi is part of the main cast (maybe Spring Breakdown was meant to offset that, but it isn’t the same thing).
Lonely Fanboy48

Is there an episode from FIM where promises is really important and you should never break them? Because if there wasn’t then Twilight broke her promise no matter what state of life she’s in. Nearly six years since this movie came out and they act like that line of dialogue meant nothing. And don’t even bring up Friendship Games because it doesn’t count.