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May 18 at 1:01pm
Rejected Head-Canons Part 01
I thought it would be fun to collect up some of my old and rejected head-canons and drew something small for them. Part 01 cos there may be more. Also, rejected may not the best ford for them. More like head-canons I don't use anymore.

But anywho, here are they.

1. Almost for all this time, until recently, one of my head-canons were that Celestia and Twilight related one or another (probs like Twilight is far descendant of Celestia). And Celestia knew. Hence why she's so powerful, why was she choosen as a personal student, made into a princess, ect. I think at one point both Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer was also descendant's of Celestia.

So why the change? I guess I just started to like the idea of someone, who is came from nowhere and is a nobody but became powerfuf, rather than someone is powerful because of their bloodline.

Well, at least now I'm thinking about a different bloodline that's not connected to a god. xD


2. Simple. At one point my head-canon was that Discord was (and technically all draconequus) a chinese dragon. Or something similar to a chinese dragon. Never went really deeper with this idea. Maybe that Discord born chaotic and the 'chinese dragons' were all about harmony, so they exiled him when he started to cause to much trouble.

While I don't go into what I have for Discord, for now all I say it's connected to Grogar. And maybe a bit to Starswril.


3. Originally in my head-canon Chrysalis (and the changelings) were cursed ponies. This is how I explained why are they pony shaped. I think the story was something like this;

As love is one of the most powerful thing in Equestria a queen (either it was Crysalis or her mother) used love to gain power (twisting heads and breaking hearts of other rulers to get what they want, I guess). She and her kingdom was cursed into a diseased form, unable to have love and only able to use magic if they steal love.

I'm not using this anymore, cos I like it more that the changelings are their own spieces. Also, not really a fan of "Hey that person is a real basterd! Let's punish them and their entire kingdom, cos that's fair!".
safe1574993 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen808 discord28682 fluttershy197725 princess celestia90005 queen chrysalis32301 twilight sparkle282634 alicorn195196 changeling40089 changeling queen11832 draconequus9003 pegasus239410 chest fluff32454 ear fluff23330 female898754 headcanon2122 headcanon denied12 hoof fluff1162 mirror4683 open mouth123023 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115169


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1)If Celestia or Luna had foals in their youth, they would have tens of thousands of descendants. My grandmother had over a hundred when she died at 104.
2)He does look like a chinese dragon… that collided with a zoo.
3)That would make a great story. Something like: Changlings take over a bug society. Bugs end up being destroyed but curse the changelings before the last one dies.
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Problem is Twilight didn't exactly come from nowhere. Her family may not have been at the top of the Canterlot food chain, but they seem pretty well off, and had connections to royalty even before Twilight's apprenticeship, even if it was just through Cadance as her babysitter.

Aww, the little Chinese Dragon designs are super cute

I do definitely want to know what your current Discord headcanon is, whenever you decide to get into explaining it.