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safe1708233 edit132702 edited screencap65328 screencap222448 princess ember6522 starlight glimmer48704 dragon56401 pony969369 unicorn324164 harvesting memories136 triple threat972 spoiler:harvesting memories146 spoiler:mlp friendship is forever653 alternate hairstyle28134 color blindness22 confused4759 cropped49373 dragoness8510 female1364797 implied twilight sparkle1848 mare481556 prosopagnosia12 starlight sparkle37


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Background Pony #FF6A
@Crystal Snow
@Starflashing Twinkle
In China the usually we want to laugh and sand “hahahaha”that ok,but in the foreign country they usually say“XD”or“Lol”.got it?

Actually, "hahahaha" is perfectly fine. "LOL" means Laugh Out Loud, and "XD" represents someone with their eyes tightly closed while smiling.

Here on Derpibooru you can even use a picture to show laughing.

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Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Ember: Hey, Starlight.
Starlight (panicking): [nervous laughter] Actually, I'm Twilight.
Ember: …
Ember: You know what, I'm just gonna call you both "Book Horse" from now on.
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