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Well I've been watching a lot of MLP and listening to a lot of Ne-Yo
as of late, so here is something completely different from my usual

Anyway, I liked Trenderhoof. I thought he was a decent match for Rarity,
even if it was only an unrequited, one-sided crush on her end, and the two
seemed to have pretty good chemistry at the beginning at least before he saw
Applejack. I got inspired to draw these two based on this one song from
Ne-Yo that I had on repeat.

When you're mad by Ne-Yo.
safe1575269 artist:bearmation10 rarity169703 trenderhoof826 pony845543 unicorn266058 angry23968 boop6853 eye contact6159 female899053 looking at each other16370 male305403 mare415335 noseboop2589 shipping184000 simple background345567 song in the description65 stallion92642 straight121659 trenderity62 white background87096


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