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@Background Pony #1A29
Thems Fighting Herds is not made by Hasbro. Thems Fighting Herds is made by the people fucked over by hasbro. Including of course, Lauren Faust who left the show she loved because her ideas were rejected. Ideas that later went on to be included for the most part anyway thanks to the team staying loyal to her even after she left. Her leaving was a direct result of Hasbro medling.

Fighting is Magic was a fan made game created by some really talented people called Mane6, and it was only when they were 90% done that Hasbro decided to make the legal threats against them. Hitting them at the cruelest point.

Lauren and mane6 teamed up to make Thems Fighting Herds. A game that is fueled by a lot of creative genius, and a little bit of Fuck You Hasbro. It was made, and it was made incredibly well, despite Hasbro's best efforts to ruin it.

Hasbro's actions were completely unjustifiable, TFH is the proof. It's what they don't get to have now. They could have let it get made before and then claim ownership of it and be greedy, but otherwise smart. Instead they chose the only single action where they would get no profit, and lose fans. So incase "Screw Them's Fighting Herds" wasn't a typo, this is why you are wrong to say that. Really, confused the heck out of me when I read it, because "I hate Hasbro" and "screw TFH" are pretty opposite things.
Background Pony #1A29
Ah. Them's fighting herds. I still hate Hasbro for shutting down what should have been the best MLP game ever. I get this si a meme happenign here and all but honestly, screw Them's fighting herds.