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The Council of Friendship may have six ponies and a dragon, but what if it had another member, like their old enemy turned friend Starlight Glimmer!!! :iconstarlightsohappyplz: Twilight Sparkle (yes) plz spike (great!) plz Rarity Wink Pinkie Pie #3 Fluttershy Happy Emoticon. Excited Rainbow Dash chat emote applejack (of course) plz

Every moon, Equestria's legendary best friends would gather to form the Council of Friendship, a special cabinet where they consult issues ranging from friendship problems to national security, while in doing so, removing the risk of having time spent apart weaken their friendship. Princess Twilight Sparkle has grown into a wise, tall mare with flowing mane, just like her predecessor. Her reign has brought about a brand new age of harmony and friendship, unlike anything that even Celestia and Luna expected. Equestria is now not only inhabited by ponies but also dragons, changelings, griffons, yaks, hippogriffs, kirins, and many other creatures living together in harmony. Spike has also grown into a strong dragon, and serves as both Twilight's Royal Advisor and Friendship Ambassador to All Creatures. Pinkie Pie and fellow party pony, Cheese Sandwich, married and now have a foal, Li'l Cheese. Rainbow Dash became a veteran Wonderbolt, and is now captain. Applejack, after Granny Smith's passing, became the new matriarch of Sweet Apple Acres, and resumes running farm with her brother Big Mac and his wife, Sugar Belle. Rarity is still Equestria's most renowned fashionista, and she now has boutiques in other nations, including one in Yakyakistan. And Fluttershy continues running her Sweet Feather animal sanctuary, brining in and caring for more animals that come, with help from Discord. As for Starlight Glimmer, she is the headmare of Twilight's School of Friendship; before Twilight became Equestria's new ruler, she chose Starlight to be her school's new headmare, knowing that she is the best choice. Starlight did have some difficulties along the way, like struggling to find a vice headmare, and trying not reject one of her close friends, Trixie, for the position, despite being hopelessly unsuited for it. But eventually, Starlight decided to not give Trixie the job despite her favoritism. Fortunately, Trixie suggested on hiring Starlight's foalhood friend, Sunburst, as vice headstallion, seeing how he is perfect for the job. Taking into account Trixie's hidden insightfulness, talent for giving advice, and thoughtful consideration of others, Starlight offered her a position as the school's new student counselor. And to this day, Trixie and Sunburst still continue their roles as student counselor and vice headstallion (and some speculate that he and Starlight are also a couple).

Before Twilight's coronation and the defeat of Equestria's last villains, Starlight Glimmer and Spike decided to put together a magical scrapbook to surprise Twilight with, so whenever she missed her friends of Ponyville, she could always read through the memories stored inside. Needing memories to fill the book with, they asked Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Applejack to get Twilight to reminisce about the old times she had with them. Rarity reminisced about her past moments of generosity while she made a backup dress for Twilight's coronation. Pinkie Pie reminisced about her past moments of laughter while she made the cakes. Fluttershy reminisced about her past moments of kindness while Twilight assisted her in overseeing rehearsals for the animal presentation. Rainbow Dash reminisced about her past moments of loyalty (and awesomeness) with Twilight at the Ponyville Day Spa. And Applejack reminisced about her past moments of honesty without revealing Twilight the surprise Starlight and Spike had in mind. Then, Starlight and Spike each reminisced their memories to complete scrapbook, and on the day of Twilight's coronation, they gave it to her, knowing now Twilight will never forget the wonderful times she had with all her best friends. With Princess Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Headmare Starlight Glimmer ruling Equestria together and maintaing their friendship together, they prove to all of us the same lesson that began in this wonderful show, that we will all keep in our hearts, and inspire others in our world to acknowledge and embrace:

Friendship is Magic

Although it seems that Starlight wasn't included into the Council of Friendship, I know many of us were hoping she would. So I decided to include her into the cabinet. While I did make that vector of Starly for her special day in March, I decided to make some small tweaks in her design. Either way, I'm glad that she became part of the My Little Pony adventure. May we forever remember the legacy Starlight Glimmer left behind, from egalitarian dictator, to friendship student, from guidance counselor in Twilight's School of Friendship, to it's new headmare. May we love her and the rest of our legendary pony friends forever and their everlasting friendship. :D (Big Grin) Heart

Starlight Glimmer by me

The Council of Friendship by me

Background coloring by me
safe1576711 artist:andoanimalia549 applejack158937 fluttershy197914 pinkie pie203359 rainbow dash219497 rarity169817 spike74879 starlight glimmer43918 twilight sparkle282902 alicorn195536 dragon48231 earth pony199466 pegasus239959 pony846622 unicorn266668 the last problem4148 clothes409504 council of friendship10 cowboy hat13175 female900269 hat76699 male305861 mane seven5903 mane six29466 mare416049 older23040 older applejack526 older fluttershy506 older mane seven166 older mane six262 older pinkie pie492 older rainbow dash581 older rarity506 older spike4695 older twilight1119 princess twilight 2.01619 rainbow background145 scarf21132 story included7769 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115302


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