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I had this commission on hold for a quite a while. Even before bigonionbean's comic commission.

I guess it came around the beggining of the senior year.

So this guy, buffaloman20 wanted a comic comish, like bigonionbean, about Khaki, his THICCNESS but now, centered around his daily life (BC — Before Corona).

And yeesh, does this guy like the THICC BUTTS like that Big Onion mixed with Bean.

[MLP] Comically Different Mishaps
Page 1 — here
Page 2 — (Still working on it)

Feel free to add tags i've missed.
suggestive128228 artist:khaki-cap117 oc606091 oc only410293 oc:khaki3 oc:khaki-cap55 pony847274 comic:comically different mishaps1 butt27717 butts188 clothes409775 commissioner:buffaloman202 extra thicc648 house1872 huge butt8059 jean thicc14 jeans3345 large butt12903 male306109 morning794 pants12294 phone5147 plot71265 solo974406 solo male24005 stuck2294 the ass was fat12550 thicc ass780


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