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safe1727333 screencap224441 applejack171532 spike79511 dragon57515 earth pony256757 harvesting memories136 spoiler:harvesting memories146 spoiler:mlp friendship is forever653 animated99664 applejack's hat7727 barn3228 blushing201008 broom1736 claws5154 cowboy hat16368 cropped49835 crossed arms5205 cute202939 embarrassed11568 flapping731 flying38771 gif31593 hat88372 jackabetes6147 lidded eyes31243 lip bite11806 looking at someone550 looking away3789 looking back58695 looking offscreen158 ponytail18277 raised eyebrow6618 smike7 smiling254363 smirk12729 smug6130 stetson5024 sweet apple acres barn121 winged spike8472


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Background Pony #02E4
she looks like she just farted or something
really awkward looking face
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