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The sign reads 'Art Battle'.

Alt source (DA).
safe1557017 artist:ariamidnighters8 fluttershy195904 bird6594 chicken1397 pegasus233019 pony828204 boots18761 bow23635 braid4721 chicken coop81 collar28226 color pencil6 coloured pencil34 cute173610 cyrillic1552 daaaaaaaaaaaw3042 female881267 fence2474 floppy ears45976 flower hat4 hat75190 heart42515 heart eyes13764 hen27 looking at something2228 looking down6526 mare405137 one wing out249 outdoors7268 pencil3202 pencil case15 raised hoof38492 shirt collar10 shoes29502 shyabetes11158 sign3607 smiling210696 solo960411 spread wings46872 standing9795 tabun art-battle111 tabun art-battle cover27 tail bow4622 three quarter view1043 translated in the description844 wholesome279 wingding eyes18817 wings72354


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