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Another little story aaa, they're fun to write uwu

"You're a rather… big girl, aren't you?" Said the older woman behind the cash register in a slightly judging tone as she rung up another pack of cookie dough, causing Honeycakes' cheeks to heat up. "Have you thought about dieting?" She added, side-eyeing the bags full of sugary treats and baking ingredients as she tucked the cookie dough into one. She knew it wasn't her place to suggest such a thing to a stranger, but it slipped out before she could stop it.

Honeycakes fumbled with her wallet, getting flustered at that question. "I-I haven't," she stammered, "I don't see a reason to." Her voice was becoming indignant as she pushed the embarrassment to the back of her mind, and she finally found her card, pulling it out with thick, stubby fingers. She shifted on her hooves, legs aching from being up for so long, and leaned against the counter a little for relief.

The cashier was actually a bit amused by the unicorn's dismissal, taking the chance to get a better look at her as she continued to rhythmically ring up items. She wasn't even dressed decently, the lady thought, looking to Honeycakes' mostly exposed belly and legs. Her pink sweatpants didn't even reach her knees and had multiple tears in them, and the woman couldn't tell if her shirt was supposed to be a crop top or not. The unicorn was absentmindedly rubbing the side of her enormous belly with her free hand, which was just inches shy of hitting the tiled floor of the grocery store. She then adjusted her pants, which were obviously extremely tight.

"…Really?" The cashier finally responded as she bagged the last item, then told Honeycakes her total. She nodded as she slipped her card into the machine to pay, and once that was done she put it back into her wallet with a bit of difficulty. It was hard to see over her breasts, and even harder to handle such small things with her fat fingers.

"I can still walk, I'm fine," Honeycakes retorted, then to prove her point she took a couple steps over toward the bagging area. She picked up two of the bags, but had to carry the rest with her magic. The cashier could feel the ground shake ever so slightly with each step Honeycakes took. Walking was quite an overstatement, seeing as she was waddling significantly. It was a wonder how she was still able to even stand.

Still trying to prove herself, Honeycakes was trying to walk at a faster pace than she usually did, causing sweat to quickly accumulate from the exercise. She took heavy step after heavy step, swinging her weight with each one, a ripple spreading up her legs and through the rest of her body each time her hoof made contact with the floor. The woman behind the counter was worried that the tile might crack.

Honeycakes wasn't even ten feet away and was already getting very tired, wheezing loudly, but still tried to push on. The cashier was watching, slightly entranced by the motion of the massive unicorn's body, even though she had been disgusted before. With each step, Honeycakes' belly bounced against the floor a bit, her ass and thighs jiggling madly. Even though she was trying to hurry, it still took a few seconds for her to take another step. She was attracting the attention of other customers at this pint.

"Dang it," Honeycakes mumbled to herself through heavy huffs and puffs as she felt her breasts about to bounce out of her shirt, quickly putting her hand up to tame them. Each time a step landed, they bounced along with the rest of her, and this was the most aware she'd been of herself in a long time. Usually she didn't care about how jiggly she was; most of the time she enjoyed it. But now, she could feel the eyes of the others on her and was blushing terribly, both from embarrassment and exhaustion. People began to notice that more tears were appearing in her pants the more she went on, all the movement straining the already tight pants even more. Soon enough, she was outside though.

Thankfully the doors were double, or else she would have surely gotten stuck — it had happened at other stores. Once outside, she slowed down to a stop, bending over until her belly was resting heavily on the ground and her hands were on her thighs. Somehow her pants didn't rip in half at the back from the bent over position. She breathed heavily and wiped at her brow, wondering if she did need to diet. However, those thoughts were pushed away as her stomach growled loudly, and she fished a package of donuts out of one of the bags. That walk definitely worked up her appetite. She decided to take it slow and snack on the walk back home.
suggestive142894 artist:butterball45120 oc684147 oc only448453 oc:honeycakes16 unicorn322944 anthro260044 unguligrade anthro48341 anthro oc29817 bbw4328 belly28464 belly button77815 big belly11339 big breasts82001 bingo wings2338 blushing197510 breasts277517 chubby cheeks3753 cleavage34547 clothes459310 dialogue65495 fat22114 female1362282 gradient background12628 huge breasts38277 impossibly large belly10441 morbidly obese7858 obese11557 pants14535 rolls of fat1786 short shirt1558 solo1063644 speech bubble23299 squishy2548 ssbbw1715 story included8980 stretched cutie mark328 stretchmarks206 sweatpants350 thighs13633 thunder thighs8385 tight clothing2534 torn clothes4848 wide hips17183


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