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Originally posted on: April 17 2020
Third (and last) part of the Sixfanarts challenge. Because picking only 6 characters to draw was just too hard! 😅
This one involves characters and/or shows that I absolutely ADORE!!!

Edward Elric
suggested by aim-nabi
I don't think I did any justice to Edward because HE'S JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL OMG ♥♥♥ I'm so glad somebody requested him, because he's one of those characters that I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART, but I'd never consider drawing!

Eclipsa Butterfly
suggested by Neila-Noen
A cheat drawing! which I had sketched in a file from before the series ended, alongside with Star, Moon and Solaria! Eclipsa's design is one of my favorites from the show, and is one of those characters I didn't expect to fell in love with SO HARD!

Turanga Leela
suggested by Emily Chippindale
I had never drawn a cyclops before. She came out SO much better than I thought she would!

Sailor Jupiter
suggested by Paul Nash
Another cheat drawing! But this time it's because I had already done this drawing before: The pose, the expression… I took it all from a drawing of 2014 (which you can probably find in my gallery!). This was basically a quick "Draw this again" challenge!

suggested by K.P. Flores
Horse ears are hard to draw. And wings ARE STILL A NIGHTMARE for me! But I really like Equestria Girls designs… or more like, the whole concept that Equestria girls EXISTS (Yes, I'm a sucker for AUs…), so I really wanted to draw her!

Blue Diamond
suggested by phe._kurls
Blue Diamond has my favorite design from all four, so I had always wanted to se how she'd look in my style! And I'm not dissapointed, even it is was a quick sketch! :) ♥

pink heart bullet purple heart bullet dark blue heart bullet blue heart bullet turquoise heart bullet

Fan Art (x6)
Normal style
Bust up — Colored sketch — Simple Background
Paint Tool SAI and Adopbe Photoshop CC 2018

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safe1690218 artist:geminineart9 fluttershy210972 cyclops250 human152967 equestria girls198097 equestria girls series32524 belt5370 blue diamond (steven universe)30 braid5675 bust48890 clothes453621 crossed arms4966 crossover61599 dress43946 eclipsa butterfly20 edward elric74 female1348124 fullmetal alchemist308 futurama850 geode of fauna1809 gloves19679 glowing hands303 hat85501 lipstick10963 lita kino41 magical geodes8722 male367289 ponied up5144 pony ears1439 sailor jupiter104 sailor moon1468 six fanarts1651 smiling243671 star vs the forces of evil515 steven universe1500 sun hat925 turanga leela5 umbrella2612 wings104011


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Background Pony #979C
Omg u have like three of my fav characters from cartoons! You have Eclipsa, Blue Diamond and Fluttershy!!! REEEEEEE