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suggestive128056 artist:rambon7256 applejack158886 stanley excelsior14 equestria girls180236 equestria girls series28456 rollercoaster of friendship2225 applebutt3588 applejack's hat5389 arm behind head2263 ass42102 bad touch682 blushing175894 boobs and butt pose316 boots19180 breasts239785 busty applejack8551 butt27505 clothes409166 cowboy boots1222 cowboy hat13160 denim skirt1317 female899461 hat76647 imminent rape1563 imminent sex5168 legs6864 lidded eyes25680 male305532 molestation1627 patreon12196 personal space invasion650 sexual assault9 shoes30333 skirt35658 thighs8248


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19 comments posted
Background Pony #E6F9
Offpanel, a pissed off Granny Smith about to send this geezer to the morgue.
Background Pony #E6F9
I this Stan Lee?

Only old man I'd allow to be sexually harassing AJ. Be funny if he said "EXCELSIOR!" as he was feeling her up.