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If you don’t like it, don’t comment! I have had enough of these downvotes and hate comments on my work! They are making me feel bad about it!
suggestive128291 artist:whistle blossom464 king sombra12691 lord tirek4746 queen chrysalis32350 centaur2625 changeling40241 changeling queen11944 pony847638 umbrum991 unicorn267162 armor21684 aroused860 bending93 bracer372 cape9038 chrysalis gets all the stallions1 chrysirek45 chrysombra235 clothes409932 cloven hooves9074 colored hooves4814 crown14025 curved horn5866 dock44068 dock piercing469 face fart193 fart1903 fart cloud50 fart fetish871 fart noise616 female901255 fetish35050 grin33065 heart43239 heart eyes14040 horn43622 hornboner346 jewelry51117 looking back49191 lucky girl36 male306229 mare416577 nose piercing2285 nose ring1854 olfactophilia210 onomatopoeia3288 piercing34978 plot sandwich64 raised tail13309 regalia16361 shipping184270 simple background346381 smelly814 smiling215567 sombra's cape38 sound effects1620 straight121887 tail19406 traditional art109442 wall of tags2314 white background87347 wingding eyes19202


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The Dark Pony

Chrysalis already has a butt fetish (for both males and females, as we saw with Tirek and Rainbow Dash) so I wouldn't be surprised.

Not into male instances but I won't downvote or be a jerk. I don't know of many cases of a fetish for male instances of farting (unlike with omorashi/wetting) but I can imagine it is there.

It is sort of ironic. In fiction, about 95% of farts are from male characters, which likely contributes to fetishes for female farting (including my fetish for it). Yet on this site most fart art is for female characters due to popular fetish (or otherwise them being main characters, and to be expected from Rainbow Dash or Pinkie Pie and seen as more "funny" from someone as ladylike as Rarity or as shy and graceful as Fluttershy due to being unexpected) so there's so few of male characters, which, from the sound of Tirek comments below, creates demand for it. (Also ironically, Rarity and Fluttershy farted in the official comics (Rarity onscreen) and Pinkie makes reference to Rainbow Dash farting as well)

Anyway, don't listen to the jerks who can't accept your interests and move past pics they dislike. I think there's even site rules against doing what they do.
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Passionate opinionator
We've waited too damn long to see someone make Tirek fart. And now its finally here.
Also, if people are only making hate comments on your work that's not about the quality of your drawing and about the fetish its pushing, then fuck em.

Male-on-Female fart content is SERIOUSLY so damn underrepresented. and this was a solid choice for characters, too. Chryssy having this kink is just too cute!