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@Background Pony #A4AE
I meant that it shows a stereotypical Tomboy, who is all so brutal, does not like anything girly and all this girly cheerleading, where girls in skirts and knickers do cute things she is not interested in. Only SPORTS! SPORTS! and SPORTS! This upset me. I liked Dasha, who, despite her character, did very adult things. And then learning that she needs to train cheerleaders, she suddenly becomes a teenage girl who is not interested in anything. This is as stupid as a series where she doesn't like pies.
Background Pony #F2A9
@Background Pony #38B9
Season one and two were the objectively better seasons. Setting a standard isn't bad and keeps one from bring a consumer. Dont pretend its an inevitability that new content of a franchise wont be compared to the original.
Background Pony #A4AE

In the first season, we were made clear that Twilight did not want to leave ponyville, we were told about Dash, as an athlete, should have known about all the benefits of cheerleading, moreover, she should have created a team when she became a teacher. But, no, the authors wanted to portray her as a Tomboy.

Uuhh, I don’t understand your last sentence. She IS a tomboy. Maybe we don’t have the same definition of what a tomboy is, but again there are lots of tomboys who actually like cheerleading lol, actually I’m one of them.

But yeah, Dash was a bit off in this episode… as a professional athlete she should’ve respected it at least a little bit.
Background Pony #38B9
I wasn't expecting this thread to be in a liquor store. Look at all the whine

I disagree with you on a lot of points there, but at this point I want to become an unnecessary internet argument or whatever. I get where your coming from, and I was the one that asked so I’m not gunna hold it against you. I feel bad that you didn’t like the S8 S9, especially since I personally enjoyed them a lot, but to each there own

Rainbow Dash does not show zero interest, she is just afraid that such Hobbies as reading books, Spa, will negatively affect her image of a cool pony. However, even in the first season, she taught Fluttershy cheerleading to support her. Rainbow Dash is not stupid, for all the seasons she has managed to love, read, understand the beauty of the Spa. But for some reason in season 9, she somehow considers the cheerleaders garbage, despite the fact that she trained Fluttershy.
Pinkie Pie needed a goal, at least to show in the final what she had achieved. The same goes for her future husband Cheese Sandwich, who instead of leaving the factory he could become Willy Wonka. And His suggestion to search for the meaning of life together could be a good departure for the final.
And no! This is not the way of Twilight, this whole coronation, the Princess's abdication of the throne is just stupid fanfiction. Princess Celestia in the last two seasons behaves not as a wise ruler who lives for a thousand years, but as a spoiled 16-year-old. I never understood the reason for her departure, she just wanted to go and grab her sister when she probably wasn't even tired of ruling. What was the point of all this? Why was this castle that appeared in the place of the old library? Why bring up these topics that Twilight doesn't want to leave ponyville and create this best-friend bullshit when, in the end, Twilight will be alone in her castle in Canterlot. Recall the series "What About Discord?" where Twilight could not understand some of the jokes, because she was far from friends.
For me, the whole 8-9 season is one big mess. To begin with, students, they remind me of the orinators from season 8 of the TV series "Scrubs"where they were added for some reason. They just took away extra screen time, here the series ' finale, and in order to bring everything to a logical conclusion. Almost all series of fillers that do not close the story arches and do not show how the character grew up.
The harmony tree was destroyed in the worst possible way and simply destroyed the entire logic of this artifact's existence. Then they built a damn house out of it.
Scootaloo's parents were shown as assholes who don't care about her opinion. And what was the point of showing them? If she has loving parents who she also loves, two loving aunts, then why did she try to be part of Dash's family? All series about Dash and Scootaloo, lost meaning, because Scootaloo in these series seemed an orphan, which in the end will take Dash's family, she will have a real mother, father and older sister. And there is a feeling that the entire episode was made to show that a lesbian family is better than an ordinary heterosexual family. I still have a lot of complaints about the final, I just feel a little lazy to describe them, because it is difficult for me to write in English.
But for me, the series finale was not something special, for me it was like a mockery of the work of really talented people. Yes, in the 8-9 season there were moments that I liked, especially I was touched by the book that closes at the end. But this is a drop in the ocean, there are far more bad moments than good ones. It's like if you were sitting in a movie theater watching a great movie, but every time you started to enjoy it, the dudes who were sitting behind you started rattling pots, and in the frame of the movie there was a woman who would burp. I would prefer that the ending was season 7 or even the MLP Movie itself, so it would be better.

But My problem with “shitposts” like these is if you these Is that if you didn’t like the the way the show ended, or though it wasn’t as good, just move on. The shows been over for almost a year, and you only has a certain amount of free time, why are people wasting on with stuff like this, go find something else to enjoy