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So remember the episode Cakes for the memories? It’s essentially part of a short run patch of episodes that cover the magical Scrapbook Starlight gives Twilight at her coronation in The Last Problem. In this episode, Pinkie Pie has Twilight Taste test her new special “taste/ memory formula”, which can bring to whoever tastes it memories from way back when.
In short, it’s an excuse to run clip shows from previous episodes starting WAY back in Season 1. Although I can buy these clip show episodes since they tie into the magical scrapbook and how Starlight was able to put together such a book.
Although with all the tweets Pinkie gave Twilight, I have to wonder…..
How many calories are in that formula?
Well….. here’s what I think…… ALOT.
As you can see, Pinkie has been Too generous with those new desserts she’s made for Twilight. And it shows. Equestria’s new ruler has gained herself a very plump belly, thick soft body and a huge pair of pillow like flanks. Looks like Princess Twilight needs to lay off the sweets for a while.
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safe1972989 artist:princebluemoon3932 pinkie pie238708 twilight sparkle333100 alicorn274721 earth pony362207 pony1325061 cakes for the memories139 spoiler:cakes for the memories139 spoiler:mlp friendship is forever677 belly36184 big belly16393 bipedal43817 chubby15469 cupcake6331 dialogue80325 fat26105 food87835 huge butt13466 impossibly large belly13211 impossibly large butt8913 large belly1335 large butt25884 magic86559 obese13744 piggy pie737 pudgy pie1786 simple background502422 squishy3235 stuffed1975 twilard sparkle1590 twilight has a big ass693 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138630 weight gain5194 white background130502


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i could see twi’s weight skyrocketing from memory enhancing sweets as a coping mechanism when she starts outliving her friends
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