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safe1881710 artist:symptom99292 flash sentry13928 sunset shimmer69485 comic:sunset's dilemma with adagio18 equestria girls224193 equestria girls series37478 building2882 cafe651 cellphone4962 chair7840 clothes526388 comic118679 commission87416 dancing9346 daytime146 diner372 female1519495 flashimmer2465 hoodie16720 implied adagio dazzle56 implied sunset shimmer402 inner thoughts66 jacket15033 jukebox51 male428732 oblivious558 painting4060 people99 phone8590 shipping220312 side view2238 sitting73119 sitting at table2 smartphone2908 smiling303341 straight151632 sweet snacks cafe82 table10520 thinking2222 thought bubble4074 window10231


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@Background Pony #661B  
Would you rather have him be a jerk? Simple nice guy isn’t necessarily “bad” characterisation. Honestly, “nice guy who only wants to help people” is kinda a rare character type for a male character who’s gotten focus on the show outside of, say, Spike or Big Mac.
Background Pony #661B
he comes across as a nice, easy going kind of guy
yes. a boring charater with no personality.  
what’s not to get? that’s the white bread of male love interests.
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Everything is Everything
When you get right down to it, Flash Sentry’s real problem is that a large portion of the fandom resents his ability to have sexual relations with (insert name of your favorite Equestria Girl here). Personally, I never considered Flash to be a “boring” character with “no personality”; to me, he comes across as a nice, easy going kind of guy. He’s not exactly Biff Tannen, even though I’ve seen a couple of fanfics where he’s been made to appear to be a bullying douchebag…
I’m definitely interested in finding out what Allegro Amoroso’s backstory is (aside from being Rule 63 Adagio)…