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Birb :>
"[@Background Pony #865F":](/images/2345046#comment_8998912

that's ok, a lot of people feel that way until they get older and realize that being tough and emotionless has turned them into a hollow, sad husk of a person and they should have opened their heart sooner

^i speak from experience, sadly^

it's actually really ironic nowadays how kids and teenagers are all about being unwavering and emotionally invincible because they want to be taken seriously and seen as more mature, thus they don't like a lot of the "feel-good" media targeted to them, and don't become interested in wholesome content or see its value until they're older (mid-20s or so), but, unfortunately, most of said content is targeted toward kids, so there is **still** a stigma pushing them away

but, I mean, we're all here, aren't we? :) most of this fandom is composed of people who are (according to society) way too old to be watching this show, but we like this stuff anyway 'cause it's cute
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