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Yes-yes, I draw the Lyra again. 😊
I really like heartstrings 💕
safe1598249 artist:lakunae100 lyra heartstrings28219 pony867664 seal165 unicorn278151 :p7496 black hoodie11 bush2382 cheek fluff4673 clothes418908 crossed legs2846 cute183212 dig the swell hoodie119 ear fluff24596 eyebrows2504 featured image801 female1271279 flower23074 fountain569 hoodie12575 leaning back444 leg fluff2620 looking at you149412 lyrabetes1246 mare431729 park930 sexy25818 sitting56473 sitting lyra525 skirt36503 solo990741 statue2154 tongue out93028 water11797


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Background Pony #A241
I really really really really really want to bury my head between her legs right now. For like half an hour. I don't care if she tastes like mint or the heat off the back of the ps4.