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safe1691379 artist:gryphon bbq21 applejack168643 fluttershy211112 pinkie pie214806 rainbow dash232313 rarity180511 starlight glimmer48205 twilight sparkle298660 alicorn221649 earth pony243063 pegasus285894 pony953114 unicorn316928 blanket5261 car5996 cuddle puddle302 cuddling8298 cute197633 female1349297 group3432 high res27137 looking at you165842 looking back56501 looking back at you14296 lying down16307 mane six31707 mare473647 missing cutie mark4546 open mouth142723 ponified animal photo613 pony pile737 sleeping23255 snot bubble139 tongue out102402 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123060 vehicle640


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This image is an inspiration for a chapter I want to write: a human drives Starlight, Trixie, Bon-Bon, and Lyra on a road trip across the US. Dave drives while the horses cuddle in the back (or Trixie rides shotgun and is the only one who can talk to humans without a translator)