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safe1882225 artist:wirlog24 applejack182392 fluttershy229766 pinkie pie231496 rainbow dash251520 rarity196509 starlight glimmer53143 twilight sparkle322439 alicorn257384 earth pony322775 pegasus365832 pony1228711 unicorn403237 blanket6183 car6786 cuddle puddle340 cuddling9218 cute223218 female1520093 group4154 high res76715 looking at you199949 looking back68260 looking back at you20115 lying down27341 mane six34226 mare568324 missing cutie mark5278 open mouth179766 ponified animal photo740 pony pile848 sleeping25495 snot bubble148 tongue out120104 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133705 vehicle798


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This image is an inspiration for a chapter I want to write: a human drives Starlight, Trixie, Bon-Bon, and Lyra on a road trip across the US. Dave drives while the horses cuddle in the back (or Trixie rides shotgun and is the only one who can talk to humans without a translator)