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We now resume “The misadventures of Trixie and her hat’s malfunctioning portal enchantment.”

Celestia: edit of >>1689204
Trixie: Composite of >>1798204, >>1143642, and >>1303838
Starlight: >>1812389
safe1859339 artist:8-notes76 artist:cheezedoodle96973 artist:cloudyglow2489 artist:sketchmcreations1791 artist:tardifice879 edit146389 editor:slayerbvc1893 vector edit3523 princess celestia100586 starlight glimmer52643 trixie71971 pony1203527 unicorn392972 annoyed5952 cape11828 celestia is not amused596 celestia's crown105 clothes517999 concerned944 confused5282 female1499177 hat99271 hoof shoes6714 inconvenient trixie339 magic trick643 mare555917 oops571 out of trixie's hat12 peytral4352 race swap16164 raised hoof54268 simple background454426 sitting71781 this will end in a trip to the moon44 this will end in banishment41 transparent background229448 trixie's cape4342 trixie's hat5187 unamused18456 unicorn celestia122 vector81143 wingless5336 wings148163


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