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Artist’s descriptions:
Stretch those fingers and let’s show them how it’s done, Rara  
What fingers?  
Uhh, hooves! Stretch those hooves, that’s what I said!  
…Whatever you say, Sunny, Let the show begin.
Two exquisite mares ready to jam all night for an audience in a city that never sleeps. What a dream to live the high life of talent and popularity.
Happy Birthday VanillaGhosties! You absolutely lovely, talented butt, we hope you have a great day. You’re such an amazing person with all the work you do and beautiful art you make. w~<3
This was a collaboration with Huffy26 to make a birthday gift for our friend VanillaGhosties. Huffy did most of the work drawing the ponies, sketching out the composition, and reminding me to do my work; while I just coloured the background. >u< Also, my friend WhiteFeather0 helped flesh out the idea of the piano, I like how the piano turned out, even though it physically makes no sense XD
Huffy pointed out that I also did a collab last year for Vanilla’s birthday. It seems I feel so inferior to Vanilla’s talent that I keep piggy-backing off of collabs XD Maybe someday I will be good enough to make a gift by myself that is worthy of the pone god. I owe Huffy one, it was great working with them, what a wonderful friend.
Also, Vanilla is a pretty good artist, you should check their work out.
Birthday gift for VanillaGhosties and collaboration with Huffy26  
Ponies Sunset Shimmer and Rara from that toy company.
safe1899078 artist:huffy2690 artist:novaintellus222 coloratura3209 sunset shimmer70129 earth pony330192 pony1246601 unicorn411115 city4830 collaboration5988 duet131 duo97054 full moon4007 gift art3190 grand piano12 looking at you203448 looking back69309 looking back at you20714 moon26600 musical instrument13084 night30809 one eye closed37805 piano1223 rara1146 sitting74258 smiling309047 tongue out121747 window10416 wink28549


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