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Originally posted on: July 20, 2012
Yup!3 ponies for sarahostervig

TwiDash,AppleShy,and Sparity!Sorry the wings on the Sparity one look weird,i'm not that good at drawing dragon wings '

They all beling to sarahostervig and she can change anything she wants
safe1577531 artist:yummycupcake4363 oc606106 dracony5708 dragon48270 earth pony199761 hybrid15300 pegasus240289 pony847281 interspecies offspring6402 magical lesbian spawn10764 offspring34489 parent:applejack3274 parent:fluttershy4050 parent:rainbow dash5016 parent:rarity3577 parent:spike1984 parent:twilight sparkle7342 parents:appleshy65 parents:sparity1241 parents:twidash674 pegasus oc5020 simple background346288 smiling215455 text51211 white background87297 wings76415


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