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お馬の子そこのけそこのけWBが通る https://t.co/rdJ6wUeF4V
safe1584618 artist:masa_000633 fleetfoot1925 spitfire12742 pegasus246656 pony854984 abstract background12109 chest fluff32895 cute180891 duo50444 featured image791 female1181904 fluffy12907 frown21523 glare7977 grin33351 hug25454 leg fluff2558 looking at you147389 mare426123 raised hoof39335 smiling217717 smirk11120 spread wings48326 sunglasses13146 winghug2597 wings80940


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@Derpy Whooves
Could someone translate for those of us who can't read Japanese? I can speak it fluently but never memorized kanji and hiragana. It's simple but time consuming to learn and I'm not going to Japan anytime soon.