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There's nothing like getting up early on a winter's day after a bad snow storm.

You put on your cold weather gear, saddle up your horse, and then ride out across the crisp white snow to check on the animals and fences.

Then, you turn around to watch the sun rise over the hills, and you realize that you're leaving a trail of steaming horse toots behind you.

But seriously, I doubt that Rarity likes the fact that every time she let's rip it's like setting off a smoke bomb.


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Background Pony #700B
@The Dark Pony
Same, I wish there was more fart stuff of Rarity haha.

Maybe Twilight hasn't realized she was leaving a trail of steam every time she farted?
The Dark Pony

I can't get enough of Rarity farting. :)

Surely the same thing must happen to Twilight when she farts, does she not mind as much? (I know Rarity and Fluttershy, being the ladylike and shy ones, would probably hate it most)