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Although I would like to put the labels one by one, there are too many. It will take some time. You can try to read each character's name
safe1575203 artist:未知的生物15 accord75 adagio dazzle11971 angel bunny9370 apple bloom46543 applejack158839 aria blaze9219 autumn blaze3297 big macintosh26866 bon bon15639 bright mac1124 button mash3785 capper dapperpaws1444 cheerilee9353 cheese sandwich3618 coco pommel5472 cozy glow5845 daring do6064 daybreaker2461 derpy hooves48239 diamond tiara9671 discord28686 dj pon-328108 doctor whooves10085 flam2020 flim2140 fluttershy197755 gabby2154 granny smith4985 grogar1233 gummy4831 king sombra12680 lord tirek4727 lyra heartstrings27798 marble pie6111 maud pie11857 mistmane659 nightmare moon16061 octavia melody22492 pear butter2400 pinkie pie203213 pony of shadows431 princess cadance30449 princess celestia90015 princess flurry heart6260 princess luna93983 queen chrysalis32309 rainbow dash219350 rarity169692 scootaloo49176 shining armor21767 silver spoon6218 sonata dusk12602 spike74826 starlight glimmer43862 storm king1102 sunburst5818 sunset shimmer57597 sweetie belle46651 sweetie drops15639 tempest shadow15365 thorax3985 time turner10070 trixie62129 twilight sparkle282668 vinyl scratch32204 zecora8789 oc604749 oc:fluffle puff2840 oc:snowdrop1190 alicorn195235 alligator652 centaur2612 changedling7260 changeling40100 draconequus9006 earth pony198876 kirin6710 pegasus239492 pony845504 rabbit4450 sheep1287 unicorn266033 yeti267 zebra15733 my little pony: the movie17816 animal3357 flim flam brothers1180 good king sombra503 king thorax2600 monochrome147884 ponified38381 scepter1036 the dazzlings4046 twilight scepter1993 young granny smith630 younger15687


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

this is super dope, I love the style! feels like they're character icons for a visual novel or something (I also adore that gummy has a black background like the rest of the villains lol)
Background Pony #7320
Ooooh, now I see it. Yes, a bit hard to figure out from the face alone (maybe with her tongue out she'd be easier to recognize?). Thanks for clarifying.