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Applejack captures Rainbow Dash the cider thief with lasso
safe1861518 artist:xbi822 applejack180915 earth pony313215 pony1205828 30 minute art challenge finished after35 captured406 cider2704 cider dash117 cider theft3 cute220322 eye reflection834 feather6894 female1501132 gradient background15408 implied rainbow dash1179 jackabetes6724 lasso1349 looking up18858 mare557121 mouth hold19668 offscreen character39703 reflection3703 rope13206 solo1182903


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Rainbow Dash flapped and yanked against the rope, grunting in her attempt to escape. “Hey! What the—!? Why can’t I lift you?” she squeaked in disbelief. “It’s been established way back in Season 1 that I can lift you!”
“Artificial leverage magic,” said Applejack through the rope. “Super strength don’t help much if what yer standin’ on ain’t also super-durable. It also works the other way, when pullin’, and yer leverage comes from gravity. Ah didn’t have a good grip on it back then, but Big Mac has been helpin’ me get control over mah natural magic. Remember that scene in the Season 7 finale where Ah bucked a huge boulder? That sucker would’a pressed me into the dirt otherwise.”
“No fair! Earth ponies aren’t supposed to be on even footing with the other tribes!” Rainbow screeched, her face red. “The show and most parts of the fandom both imply that they’re inferior!”
“Tough luck, sugarcube. New canon overrides old canon.”
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Humble Dash-worshipper
Next shot: AJ clings for her dear life while dangling hundreds of meters above the ground. Dash has pretty good lifting power after all…