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You’d think Cranky would notice three not-so small girls sneaking in the classsroom and replacing a projector with a box and a lantern. Even with Applejack distracting him it would be hard not to notice it.
Cartoon logic I guess.
safe1972020 screencap263688 apple bloom56386 applejack187823 scootaloo55497 sweetie belle53460 equestria girls233909 equestria girls series38666 happily ever after party339 animated113018 apple bloom's bow2655 boots28366 bow38187 box5660 chair10124 clothes559399 cowboy boots2142 cutie mark crusaders20908 desk3958 door4812 female1603769 gif41449 hair bow21512 happily ever after party: applejack63 hoodie17739 jacket16263 jeans5388 lantern2253 pants18980 projector190 shoes49585 shorts17196 skirt48011 sneaking389


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