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safe1577443 artist:chris chan63 applejack158982 fluttershy198034 princess cadance30474 princess celestia90089 princess luna94046 rainbow dash219588 rarity169879 twilight sparkle282982 oc606057 oc:miss night star54 alicorn195649 butterfly6295 earth pony199726 human142238 pegasus240253 pony847195 unicorn266942 twilight sparkle's secret shipfic folder362 card2650 chris chan189 chris chan sonichu2 custom5649 discovery family971 discovery family logo11385 drama3082 female900790 hasbro2124 hasbro logo232 irl62607 irl human24365 mare416292 photo70721 pony life drama102 protest136 toy20841 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115337


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Background Pony #42DD
Hmph. Maybe next time you'll think before you flap your mouth like that. Mama doesn't like it when people call her an idiot. And NEITHER DO I! You better watch your back, you damn dirt TROLL!
Background Pony #42DD
This is Sonichu speaking for Mama. She misphrased her sentence. She meant to say "STOP PONY LIFE" but accidentally said "MLP". She would never EVER say that G4 is bad!.
Background Pony #A43B
Chris Chan is just like half the fandom that refuses to let go and accept that nothing lasts forever. Its honestly kinda sad and pathetic
Background Pony #ADBD
Just what we need. Another protest against something that hasn’t aired yet.😒