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safe1709561 artist:nelljoestar81 bulk biceps3442 derpy hooves50202 equestria girls200892 :p8946 cute200286 derpybulk35 duo61619 ear piercing26446 earring21240 female1365938 jewelry64012 male373769 petting1892 piercing41313 shipping200623 simple background394510 straight136639 tongue out104256 white background98205


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Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Unless that letter she was blushing at during the cafeteria song in the first movie was a love letter from him. This could be a long game the animators did without us noticing.
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Échale vampiro
@Brass Beau
If you think about it was probably since Rainbow Rocks when Bulk was competing against Derpy and got aggressive with each other. In my headcanon they remembered that and tried to apologize to each other and that's when they clicked, since next time we see them on Camp Everfree they are already hanging out together.
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