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Originally posted on: March 31, 2019
Just a collection of daily doodles of Puffy together in one dump as I didn't felt they held up on their own in the main gallery.

So, enjoy this random bunch of Puffies in one compilation.
safe1576343 artist:ravenpuff1137 oc605437 oc only409953 oc:puffy237 anthro230570 bat pony43478 pony846368 alcohol6086 anthro with ponies2267 bags under eyes1824 bat pony oc14345 bat wings5930 beer bottle170 chest fluff32534 chubby12655 clothes409367 confused4137 desk2891 eating8697 eyes closed80260 faceplant634 female899951 food60879 freckles25451 frog (hoof)9995 goggles13259 grayscale36247 hands together165 injured3127 leonine tail7321 lying down9505 mare415887 monochrome147950 necktie6225 noodles281 onomatopoeia3274 pencil3259 prehensile tongue246 prone23343 raised hoof39307 runny nose95 sick1690 sitting55031 sleeping21738 slit eyes4095 sound effects1609 tentacle tongue638 tentacles10713 tired2882 tissue525 tissue box236 traditional art109352 underhoof46885 wings76171 zzz2228


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