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Learning 📚❤️

Heh, you know. I planned to do simple drawing in my simple way… but still I'm doing background here… Seems like it's part of me.
safe1576253 artist:nevobaster199 twilight sparkle282841 pony846314 unicorn266500 autumn1366 bench2171 book30667 city3731 clothes409337 cute177535 female899884 glasses54967 handbag141 high res21405 lying down9504 mare415841 nevobaster is trying to murder us3 park893 pencil3259 pencil behind ear18 pink socks55 ponyloaf300 prone23343 reading5870 scarf21125 socks56817 solo973548 twiabetes10257 unicorn twilight12922


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Background Pony #D7EE
this is one of your best drawings of recent! i like how you made her lay prone like a horse instead of being lazy by doing a human sitting/laying pose.