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The first PipBuck prototype (Based on Fallout 4's Pipboy model) me and Penguinbrony24 came up with for our FanFiction called Fallout Equestria — Lightning Strikes Twice. (Link to Fanfiction)

After quite a bit of research on existing PipBuck models many artists came up with, we found out few of them had a fully developed and detailed exterior interface that all creatures could use, considering the size of their hooves/paws/claws/etc. and the lack of fingers (for Yaks, all 3 pony species and Zebras).

So we came up with the idea of a bracelet, that comes in multiple sizes, that attaches to any given species' front leg of their choice, where their "wrist" would be.


PipBuck 3000 Spark X Bracelet features:
-The interior of the bracelet is padded with the same material used for the PipBuck's interior padding; making for a comfortable fit without getting loose.
-The robust black silicone stylus allows for precise pushing and moving of the different buttons and switches found on the Pipbuck 3000 Spark X and other previous models.
-The clasp uses snapping buttons that are fixed by holding the mouth handle with the user's teeth and pushing onto the corresponding slots on the bracelet.
-To release the clasp, the clasp's switch must be pressed with the user's free hoof or muzzle. This will unlock the snapping buttons.
-!!!CAUTION!!! Although the stylus is made from high quality silicone, it is not medical grade quality. Please refrain from introducing it in your body or another creature's body. Stable-Tec is not responsible for consequences related to the misuse of the product.

PipBuck 3000 X Spark's features:
-New detailed interface designed to work with the PipBuck 3000 Spark X Bracelet stylus.
-Sensitive snapping and sliding switches for precise selection and navigation.
-Slightly hollowed buttons for better use with the PipBuck 3000 Spark X Bracelet stylus.
-Larger non-reflective screen.
-Improved heat sink technology to avoid overheating.
-Easy to install adjustable clasp. (See the How To Install section of Instruction Manual 1 for more details)
-Enhanced speakers with static reducer.
-Electric holotape slot that now opens slowly to avoid possible damage.
-New RAD counter technology that offers more precise readings. The RAD indicator's color now changes at different detected amount of accumulated radiation within the user's body:
o Green (Safe): 0 to 200
o Yellow (Caution): 200 to 400
o Orange — Alert Beep 1 (Risks of Radiation Poisoning): 400 to 500
o Red — Alert Beep 2 (Radiation Poisonning): 500 to 650
o Slow Blinking Red — Alert Beep 3 (Severe Radiation Poisonning): 650 to 800
o Fast Blinking Red — Alert Beep 4 (Extreme Radiation Poisonning): 800 to 950
o Fast Blinking White — Alert Beep 5 (Complete Radiation Poisonning and/or Death of User): 950 to 1000

-New Twi-Fi technology module. Allows for wireless connection to PipBuck compatible devices using the retractable Twi-Fi antenna.


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If you read the description carefully, Stable-Tec does give a warning about using the Stylus for other uses than the one it is designed for.

That, and me and Penguibrony24 intended for it to look this way anyway. 8D It's up to the user's creativity and discretion to decide what "OTHER USES" it can have.
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