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Update 22/04/2020: Fixed a lot of small errors and added a few more details.

Wew! I'm only three days late but in my defense I started this before Easter and then had the bright idea to make this a vector instead of a raster image — big mistake. About 30 hours later and this is what I have. I'd like to thank everyone who kept me company during the streams for this, it was a bit of an ordeal!

Also inb4 it was actually over a week ago

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safe1677035 artist:pirill318 clypeus185 cornicle204 queen chrysalis34289 changedling8069 changeling46037 changeling queen15617 absurd resolution65475 angry26523 cave3293 censored vulgarity458 changeling egg144 changeling hive591 concerned811 dialogue63877 easter1337 easter egg1124 egg3863 female1336909 forked tongue1048 glare8193 grawlixes313 ground90 hive369 holiday19931 mare466784 open mouth140201 plant2042 prone24994 queen chrysalis is not amused78 scenery7865 signature23334 slime1933 solo focus16429 speech bubble22516 standing11730 swearing718 text58116 tongue out101017 unamused15763 vector75748 yelling3020


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In Treue fest
It's a mistake, Majesty. A problem. A defect. A symbol of Changelingkind's decline.

It's also an egg, but mainly all the other things I mentioned.
Background Pony #383A
Chryssie. Just take the eggs and put them in a hot pan. I bet it will be delicious and has an axcellent taste of love :)