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Requested sequel to this one.
The idea basically centres around Sweetie letting Rarity use the flute on her as payback. Noteworthy inclusions are:
-While under the flute’s spell, Sweetie is dressed is a lavender bedlah top & bedlah pants, gold hoop earrings, and is barefoot. She is also playing a tambourine as she dances and has the same orange & yellow spiral eyes that Rarity & AJ had.
-Rarity (standing off to the side playing the flute) is dressed in a blue bathrobe, implying that she just recently changed out of her belly dancer costume
-Sweetie is standing on a crate or box as she dances. That way, her bare feet are more visible.

safe2173628 artist:40kponyguy832 derpibooru exclusive40477 rarity217490 sweetie belle56725 human245288 equestria girls255730 g42027572 bare shoulders6211 barefoot35158 bathrobe1742 belle sisters510 belly dancer1113 belly dancer outfit554 blowing flute24 clothes634148 crate748 ear piercing43752 earring32680 feet54470 female1801945 flute292 harem outfit446 headband5574 high res407777 hooped earrings602 hypnosis5653 hypnotized2832 jewelry112973 musical instrument15205 piercing63982 playing instrument388 ponytail27098 requested art1998 robe4860 siblings21790 simple background595876 sisters17956 snake charmin' flute19 swirly eyes3437 tambourine585 traditional art143023


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

Editor & Rail Fan
I can kinda see what you mean. Looking back, maybe her outfit should’ve be yellow or something….
Nonetheless, this came out fantastic. Thank you so much. :)
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Whilst I followed the requested outlines, (see description), I think having those swirls in Sweetie Belle’s eyes, and having her outfit the same colour as her hair, it just makes her look a bit…. washed out somehow. There’s not enough contrast there.