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suggestive139561 artist:art-2u417 sunset shimmer61755 alicorn218724 human151726 anthro253744 plantigrade anthro31315 equestria girls196220 alicornified5255 armor23311 armpits42571 ascension enhancement118 ass47849 big breasts79453 breast expansion3318 breasts269764 bunset shimmer1666 busty sunset shimmer5298 butt53585 cleavage33696 clothes448929 curvy6476 female1336629 growth5540 hourglass figure1431 huge breasts37231 human to anthro655 large butt15948 race swap13993 shimmercorn635 socks64703 solo1043946 solo female176863 thigh highs34966 transformation10449 transforming clothes79 unconvincing armor1122 wasp waist140 wide hips16369


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Background Pony #8B29
Sunset: I just turned into an anthropomorphic Alicorn goddess in scanty battle armor, and THAT'S what you're focused on?!

That is TERRIBLE running posture, Sunset! You never cross your arms over your body while you move, you're fighting your body's own momentum and slightly compressing your lungs, so you can't breathe as deeply.