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Part 2. Epilogue. The Spirit

Illustration for fanfic

[RUS] ficbook . ponyfiction

July 27, 2016
safe1722956 artist:sirvalter145 oc694907 oc only454609 oc:crowling shade7 bat pony50647 pony983397 fanfic:steyblridge chronicle87 bat wings9588 black and white13120 butt61624 clothes465611 crystal empire2327 fanfic10480 fanfic art14569 grayscale38468 hooves18004 illustration395 imminent suicide113 male378537 monochrome150705 outdoors11068 plot80277 rear view12323 sad24736 stallion111327 sunglasses14678 this will end in tears3384 walking4837 wings110557


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