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safe1637792 edit125561 edited screencap60712 screencap213577 applejack164433 fili-second804 fluttershy205498 humdrum444 mane-iac1591 masked matter-horn795 mistress marevelous708 pinkie pie209778 radiance781 rainbow dash226403 rarity175805 saddle rager810 spike76598 twilight sparkle291551 zapp772 alicorn210789 dragon52087 earth pony223527 pegasus265393 pony903557 unicorn294702 power ponies (episode)1769 cage950 electro orb113 mane seven6243 mane six30822 power ponies2627 smiling229860 someone sees the heroes trapped4 twilight sparkle (alicorn)119863


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